Birthday Sparkle
45 is the New...Well, 45!

Something I’ve learned in just the few days since turning 45. 

It’s okay to be a year older. It’s okay to age like fine wine. It’s okay to feel like 30. And with this melanin I’ve been blessed with, I get that I can pass for younger. But 45 it is. 

And it deserves its own celebration because if anything, your new age means you are a living, breathing, amazing being! 

What “society says” can kick rocks. Celebrate where you are, just the way you are! Do you. Be you. Love you. ♥️❣️💕

4/18/22 | Posted by Jonelle Henry, DS Traveler

(Self) Love Is In The Air

Isn't It Time to Treat Your Mind, Body & Soul to Some Travel?

“Let the sea breeze blow your hair, let the sunset bring tranquility to your heart, let the distant places you travel allow you to explore yourself.”

It's February...the season of love, right? We could all use some love this season. It's the one thing everyone needs and wants. 

Travel is that beautiful gem that sets you on that healthy love course. It's the perfect way to love up on yourself. Flowers, champagne, chocolate? Yeah, sure. All those things are wonderful and great. But did you know that travel is also healthy for you? It's the best sweet treat.

According to Travel & Leisure, here are five ways travel is good for your mind, body and soul:

1) Travel is good for your heart

When you take more vacation days, researchers say it may protect against "metabolic syndrome and symptoms."

2) Vacations can alleviate stress

This may seem obvious to many, but one good vacation could provide a stress-free feelings several weeks AFTER you get home from your vacation.

3) You breathe better

Travel makes you breathe better? Turns out exposure to parks, woodlands, beaches and other natural environments helps your lungs out. So take a very deep breathe on your next vacay! 

4) Activates your productivity

Some time away from the office (or the Zoom meetings) can actually help you boost productivity. If you're stuck on a project and need a little boost, step away from the office and use your PTO! 

5) Vacays turns you into a creative genius

Taking yourself out of your busy, deadline driven work days and tapping into new experiences and ideas can boost your creative energy. Travel broadens the mind in so many ways.

So with all that research, isn't it time to treat your mind, body and soul to some travel? This Valentine's Day, book a trip away with your boo or go on a solo trip to rejuvenate. Your body will thank you and that's the best kinda love out there. 

2/1/22 | Posted by Jonelle Henry, DS Traveler

Happy New Year...and Travels?
It's Seriously Time to Live, Love & Travel Well

Happy New Year! And travels? So yeah, we are still in this thing called a global pandemic. It doesn't look like the Rona is going anywhere and many of us just want to scream, pack our bags and get the heck up out our houses. It's time. It's beyond time. 

Travel has definitely taken a hit these past few years. People are traveling safely but we are definitely overwhelmed with all the protocol and rules and guidelines that have changed more times than we can count. 

Travel isn't going anywhere but we do have to adjust. It hasn't been cancelled but we do have to plan ahead. Most importantly, we have to manage our expectations. There is one thing that hasn't changed about travel and that is the need for our patience throughout it all. 

Be patient. It's a new year. A new travel year. Cheers to 2022!

1/1/2022 | Posted by Jonelle Henry, DS Traveler